It cannot be like any other film.
Let's make it special!



Are you planning a wedding? Great! Then we have a film to be made!

First of all, I want to know and understand your story. A wedding film is a very personal project. It is an audiovisual portrait of who you are. I am here to tell the story of your whole relationship.

What inspires me the most are the emotions. A good film should be a pill of emotions that you will want to come back to in the coming years.



The wedding video must be authentic.

That is why I do not interfere with the course of your day, I do not direct and do not try to rearrange you. You are making this story and I have to capture it.
Our film is primarily about real moments and emotions.

There are no doubles here.



Let's do it the other way!

I want to tell more about your relationship and capture your world. My goal is to think outside the box and make wedding films in a different, special way. I do not frame myself in the boring so called industry standards.

Would you like to film your quad bike ride at sunset by the lake?

Dance under a volcano in Iceland?

Great, let’s get to work! Even if you think an idea is crazy – let me know! The point is to show your passions and capture things that tell who you are.

Check out their stories

Each is different – each is special

poznaj historie:

pola + daniel

Asia + Bartek

patrycja + maciej



3-5 minutes

I will provide you with a short film.
This is the form that I value the most, because I can summarize your story creatively and present it in the form of an artistic pill.

Full film

15 or 25 minutes

I will also make a full film for you, about 15 or 25 minutes long.
Full film allows me to describe your story in more detail, while still in an engaging and dynamic form.
After years of experience with wedding films, I found that this length options work best.

4k is a standard

I can get you a drone

I’ll meet you anywhere

I also offer extras, bonuses and different packages.
Please write me to get the current offer.



Are we starting?

let's get to know each other


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